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In my practice I see children ages 5 and up, teens and adults.  If you click on the navigation option(s) you will find more detail about the various reasons children and adults come to my practice for therapy.  

My approach to psychotherapy with my clients takes into consideration biological, psychological and social perspectives.  In other words, I believe we are all shaped by our biology/genetics, unique personality characteristics, and the environment in which we live.  At the start of therapy I will gather information from the patient and/or the patient's parent if appropriate.  We will discuss your goals and needs and then formulate a treatment plan.  My interventions utilize a variety of integrated treatment modalities, and vary depending upon the patient's presenting problems and personality style, as well as their developmental age. 

A Word about Psychotherapy...

Psychotherapy is not easily described because it is different for everyone. Some people feel more comfortable using the term 'counseling' in place of the term 'psychotherapy'.  Psychotherapy defined varies depending upon the personalities of the psychologist, patient and specific problems each patient is struggling with. In order for psychotherapy to work, the client must take an active role in the therapeutic process.  Since psychotherapy involves discussing unpleasant and very personal aspects of your life, the patient may experience uncomfortable feelings, such as anger, sadness, frustration, shame, guilt and confusion.  The benefit of active participation and working through these unpleasant feelings is that psychotherapy often leads to improved relationships, solutions to specific problems, and reduction in feelings of distress.  Therapy can provide relief to each individual client, as well as the parent of a child they have worried about.  

Finding the Right Therapist...

Finding the right therapist for yourself or your child is one of the most important elements for success in therapy.  As I evaluate your  needs I encourage you, the patient to formulate your opinion of whether you feel comfortable working with me. Therapy requires a commitment of time, money and effort, so care in selecting a therapist is very important.  

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