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About genetic predispositions to breast and ovarian cancer: 



Women with genetic predisposition to certain cancers such as breast and/or ovarian cancers are faced with difficult decisions regarding their health.  Our physical health has a direct impact upon our emotional health.  Women with BRCA1, BRCA2 and other identified genes have the option to undergo ​prophylactic procedures to lower their risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer.   

The decision to have genetic testing to determine whether you carry these genes presents inherent challenges for women.  The subsequent decisions regarding mastectomy, oophorectomy  and hysterectomy, which are major surgical procedures woman undergo in order to reduce their risk of being diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer are not clear cut for most women or their loved ones.   For some women the decision to have prophylactic surgery is an easy one, for others it is very difficult to decide whether to have surgery or choose increased surveillance methods.  In any case there are psychological implications that are unique to each woman. 

I have personally been through the experience dealing with genetic testing for BRCA1/2, prophylactic mastectomy, oophorectomy and hysterectomy and I understand the complexities of the entire process.   Many women report experiencing psychological problems such as depression, grief, loss, sexual/intimacy problems, relationship problems and loss of sense of femininity.  In addition to my own experience, I  have worked with women to process these types of issues.  The decision to save your own life is relatively easy.  The aftermath is not always so.  

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